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                                  Rotary Index 100/120 Standard Features:

                                  Rotary Index 120
                                  • Operator Station with PLC Interface makes part changes quick and easy while providing machine diagnostics for quick troubleshooting
                                  • Heat manifolds are powder coated
                                  • Gas Flowmeter and Manifold Manometer to verify process settings
                                  • Heat, Air Cooling, and Water Cooling time adjustable through Operator Interface
                                  • Needle Valves installed on all air and water cooling outlets
                                  • Individual gascocks installed for each burner to allow individual flow adjustments or to turn burners on and off depending on part being processed
                                  • Stainless Steel tubing used for burner pattern provides rigidity
                                  • Guarding provides safety and process stability be shielding from air currents
                                  • Polycarbonate windows allow for good visibility
                                  • All guard doors hinged for easy maintenance
                                  • All utility connections located together
                                  • Color-coded piping for gas lines, air lines, and water lines
                                  • Air dump valve with lockout for main air supply
                                  • Hi/Lo Heat System conserves fuel by switching to low settings between cycles
                                  • Isolation valves installed on incoming air and fuel source lines
                                  • Stainless Steel Water Trough
                                  • Access Door for heat system adjustments
                                  • Safety pressure switches on heat system detect low gas pressure, high gas pressure, and low air pressure
                                  • Proximity switches installed on extend and retract positions of all slides
                                  • Flow Controls installed on all cylinders and slides
                                  • Air dump valves installed on all slides to assist with setups and adjustments
                                  • Paste tanks supplied with quick-release lid clamps
                                  • Paste guns controlled through the PLC to allow paste adjustment through the PLC
                                  • Manual paste purge pushbuttons supplied for each paste gun
                                  • 1 spare paste gun supplied for each paste gun used
                                  • Free servicing of paste guns when Fusion paste products are used
                                  • Allen-Bradley MicroLogix PLC with a MicroView Operator Interface
                                  • 24VDC control voltage
                                  • Quick Disconnect on proximity switches, pressure switches, and solenoid valves to make maintenance quick and simple.
                                  • Leveling Feet
                                  • Weiss Cam-Driven Indexer
                                  • 0.75″ Thick Aluminum Toolplate
                                  • Stainless Steel Toolplate Cover
                                  • Stainless Steel Water Trough

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